When you're young, shiny and healthy hair comes naturally no matter what products you use and regardless of what processes you have done.  As you age, the same products and processes don't give the same results. Aging, bad products and excessive chemical processes can result in slow hair growth, decrease shine and even thinning.

But, maybe the problem isn't your hair.  Maybe it's your hair products...specifically your shampoo?  Harsh ingredients create harsh results over time.  I was tired of literally throwing money down the drain.  So I worked for several years to make something better.  What I concluded was better shampoo ingredients do result in better hair.  But you have to use enough of the good stuff to notice a difference.  So each bottle of Mijo® shampoo has substantial amounts of the good stuff (cosas buenas).  Getting rid of harsh sulfates, allergenic fragrances, irritating additives and adding in natural extracts and proteins will make your scalp and hair noticeably healthier.

When you receive your shampoo, you'll notice our bottle feels a little different as well. It's aluminum because aluminum is easily and completely recyclable. And it has an adhesive-free label. No more plastic bottles with eco-unfriendly glues! So Mijo® shampoo is not only good for you, it's better for the world around you.

Please let me know what you think at info@mijaclean.com

Muchas gracias!

Debi Gonzalez Seligmann

My silicone-free conditioner is coming soon!


We are committed to:
Biodegradable, ECOCERT and organic ingredients.
Our products are:
cocamidopropyl betaine-free
filler-free (no added salt)
Vegan (exception of milk protein)
Cruely-free:  Family and friends tested only
Minimal use of plastic (only the pumps)
Glue-free labels
Globally-approved preservatives