The Evolution of Mijo Shampoo

The Evolution of Mijo Shampoo

Introducing the enhanced Mijo Shampoo, a testament to our commitment to continuously improving hair care. Elevating your hair cleansing experience, our new formula now features a cutting-edge shea butter-based cleanser known as shea butteramidopropyl betaine. This remarkable ingredient not only extends the shelf life of our shampoo but also has the added benefits of enhanced moisture, conditioning, and gentleness, effectively minimizing frizz. Derived from the nut of the vitellaria paradoxa or shea tree native to West Africa, shea butter is a natural wonder widely renowned for its nourishing properties and is a staple in various premium body and skincare products.

Mijo takes pride in being at the forefront of clean beauty. In our pursuit of excellence, we've carefully selected a preservative blend that adheres to the rigorous standards set by esteemed organizations such as COSMOS and ECOCERT. Unlike traditional preservatives that may pose health concerns, our formula harnesses the power of benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin, and sorbic acid – ingredients commonly found in the labels of premium skincare brands.

At Mijo, we are dedicated to purity. Embracing a holistic approach, our shampoo not only features nature-based cleansers but also incorporates vegan extracts and proteins, ensuring a wholesome and ethical choice for your hair care routine. In our mission to minimize environmental impact, our shampoo is bottled in 100% aluminum bottles with glue-free, peel-able labels, making them fully recyclable for effortless recycling. We extend our commitment to sustainability through our choice of shipping materials – compostable and reusable, aligning with our values of responsible and eco-conscious practices.

Experience the evolution of clean beauty with Mijo Shampoo, where every element reflects our dedication to superior quality, innovation, and environmental stewardship.
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